Remote sketching

Drawing of Matera, Italy, seen through the doors of the Santa Maria de Idris

Remote sketching sounds like some kind of psychic connection but in reality it’s a term I tend to use when describing pieces of art that have been inspired by photos or other reproductions of real life scenes.

For the most part it’s old scenes and views of steam locos that tend to fit into this category but from time to time something else comes along that inspires me.

This view of Matera in Italy sadly didn’t come from a visit to the region. Instead the recent broadcast of Italy Unpacked on BBC2 provided some beautiful views of the country that sparked my excitement and urge to once more put pen to paper.

I’m always looking for interesting compositions for my artwork whether it be unusual angles or purely an unexpected view. One particular scene on the programme saw presenters Andrew Graham-Dixon and Italian chef Giorgio Locatelli climb up to the Santa Maria de Idris which is carved out of the very rock it resides on. That view in itself would make for a stunning piece of art however a shot from within, looking through the door back out to Matera did it for me.

Thankfully at the time I was watching the episode on good old iPlayer and more that that on my laptop so with a quick pause and a swift screen grab I had a new reference for a drawing!

Above all I love being out and about enjoying the moment and the view ahead as I capture it in my paintings but when the opportunity doesn’t present itself I’m always happy to make the most of all types of media to continue my passion of art.

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