The detail is in the shadows

My final entry for Loco Yard…

Loco Yard

Tonight we have a very special guest blog post from a fantastic artist, Stephen Bedser.  Stephen has previously written for LocoYard and today we are at his final part of his mini series on how his does his paintings. To catch up on his previous posts you can new find it on his own dedicated page (click here). I would strongly recommend you to see more of his fantastic works.  Stephen can also be found on twitter (click here), Facebook (click here) and has a wordpress blog (click here).  Without further ado, please read on!

If you’ve been following my previous guest blogs on Loco Yard it is with mixed feelings that I write this last piece. On one hand I’ve enjoyed sharing how I create a piece of artwork through heat stage however like the actual painting itself it’s great to share the final piece!

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