Capturing history with lines and curves

Here’s my first guest blog for Loco yard, part two will be available soon!

Loco Yard

Tonight we have a very special guest blog post from a fantastic artist, Stephen Bedser.  Stephen has previosuly written for LocoYard about how he came an artist who specialises in heritage scenes (click here) and he is nowly kindly agreed to write a mini series looking at how he does his paintings. I would strongly recommend you visit to see more of his fantastic works.  Stephen can also be found on twitter (click here), Facebook (click here) and has a wordpress blog (click here).  Without further ado, please read on!

The big question is, what inspires me? I’m always asking myself that question as I know that if I’m not passionate about the scene I’m painting the result of hours sketching, painting and inking will always be lacking in atmosphere. It’s fair to say that I don’t paint to be rich, famous or even to produce…

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